Healthy diet to Manage Sleeping Schedule

Posted by Editorial Staff on June 1, 2022

For night dinner someone eat everything seen in the eye can’t sleep for those. Even if we try to sleep we can’t. Working late night also affect sleep behavior. Even someone has all the facilities but can’t sleep well at night.

Sleep and Relaxation is ideal for human. Human machine can’t work without sleep nature setup our lifestyle to work on noon sleep on night. The machine work with lifetime is human body. Human invented machines are repaired even if you run continuously two days without any rest. Similarly our body structure is shaped and equipped with the power of Sleep. Thus non working machine need fatal regulation with the help of sleep.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is boon for human, our brain continuously processing even if we are in deep sleep. Human can survive without food few days, but human without sleep may affect health and body.  Sleep has great power to energies our body and brain throughout the day. One missing sleep affects our Immune system. If you are willing to work well in day time, you must take sound sleep at least 6 Hrs.

Two years old children must sleep 16+ hours, 3 to 12 years old must sleep 10 to 13 hours, Teenagers 13 to 19 years must sleep at least 9 hours a day. 20 to 55 years old must sleep 8 hours a day. 65 years and more must take at least 6 hours of sleep. The healthy body is ideal sleep.

How Sleep help our Immense

Brain will boost and repair the damaged cells and immense system. Also help to overcome the depression, anxiety and repair and create new hormone to our health. Sound sleep makes our day brisk and positive. Sleeplessness cause laziness and feels depressed.

Our Brain have a hormone called “cortisol” is keep our body agility, after sleep ‘cortisol’ enough level is maintained in our body, end of the day “cortisol” level being low and our body become Fatigued. This hormone Secretion at deep sleeps and fulfill for our next day activity.

How Sleep helps for Healthy Body

Hormones Ghrelin & Leptin which helps to stimulate appetite and also get know appetite these Hormones are secrete only at sleep. Ideal sleep is very important for health and hormone secretion. Our food habits also affect deep sleep most of the time in normal day-to-day life. Taking pills for sleep is a bad idea for health. Deep sleep is essential need for Immunity and good lifestyle.

Food Items which help to get Good Sleep at Night


Banana place an important role at night time food items which helps healthy sleep. Bananas have lost of potassium and vitamin B6. This vitamins B6 helps to increase the sleep hormone called “Melatonin”. Potassium makes our body muscle relaxant and prepares our body felt in sleep. Banana also contain Carbohydrate it helps to produce Melatonin in next one hour after taken. Taking at least two bananas before bed it helps for good sleep.

Cherry Fruit and Milk

Cherry Fruit and Milk contain lot of Melatonin taking one glass of Milk cherry juice helps for deep sleep. Milk contains lot of Tryptophan amino acids help to sleep. If you are not willing to take as juice you may take few counts of cheery fruit and have a cup of milk before 30minits bet helps a lot to get sleep well.

Cabbage and Green Spinach

Vitamin C and Calcium also important for good sleep, Green Spinach and Cabbage contain reasonable calcium for daily needs for sleep.

Sea Meat

Fish is an another natural way to get Tryptophan amino acids which helps for good sleep, Even if you feel after fish meal in launch you may fall asleep.

Taking Honey, Dates Oats, Dry fruits along with glass of Milk also help to sleep. If you are hard worker take a warm both take night dinner before 2 hr to bet.

Food Items which trouble your sleep

Don’t eat any artificial health drinks, spicy and oily food items trouble your sleep. Don’t take potato chips, tea, coffee chocolate pizza, burger, meat. Don’t take alcohol drinks, cigarettes, Addictive items it will lead unhealthy sleepiness.

Sleeping is a natural reward and we need to use this worth fully.

Happy Sleeping!,

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